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why we created trend sets

by | May 13, 2021

the ecomm content landscape is constantly changing: what works. what doesn’t. what might work for a little bit but requires a refresh in a few months. do you move with the trends or do you keep your content evergreen? when’s the right time to try a seasonal content push across your site?

this constant change is a good thing. it means the industry is growing + moving + getting better. and it provides new reasons for your customers to rediscover your products.

it’s our job to keep up. and our job to make content creation easy + affordable + accessible to business owners like you. one of our favorite ways to do that: ecomm trend sets.

we created trend sets for a few reasons:

refreshing your content is essential 

it’s technically possible to create content once and use it forever. but it’s not optimal. one of the best things you can do for your store is update it consistently. does this necessarily mean you have to stress every week about whether your content is out of date? no. but it is important to determine what might be a good cadence for your store refresh + which changes tend to send you scrambling for new content.

times to consider a refresh:

  • a change in seasons 
  • upcoming holidays + days of acknowledgment 
  • new product releases 
  • monthly/quarterly social media content 
  • monthly ad creation + optimization

trends move quickly & content creation should too 

the ecomm industry is on the move. but you don’t need to worry about it moving too quickly. it gets easier to create as you get more resources behind you. with trend sets: you can stay both on-trend and on-brand at the same time. 

because trend sets are pre-made scenes designed by us – a team of creative experts – they are always on trend. we drop new collections quarterly + have every product industry in mind when we do so.

they’re dynamic

so we’ve covered the what are they & why are they? but how are they a fit for your product? 

we built trend sets to be dynamic. while they are made to be easy: they are not one-size fits all because your content is unique to you. 

here are some ways our trend sets have shown up differently for our customers: 

they make your life easier

plain + simple. creating content quickly + affordably shouldn’t be hard. so it’s not. it’s true: it’s helpful to know what vibes you want for your shoot so we can help you get there. but when those ideas aren’t flowing as freely as you’d like or when you just want more – a trend set makes that possible. 

if you’re ready to start creating: there’s no better time than now. shoot our current trend set collection before our new one drops (hint hint: soon! 👀)

if you’re looking to ramp up your content game but still feel unsure where to start – check out these resources:


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