how NOELLE Cosmetics sold out their site with soona

by | Jun 25, 2021

NOELLE Cosmetics wasn’t 100% sure what they needed when they came to soona. Jerhonda Pace – the founder and CEO of NOELLE Cosmetics – started her business by mixing ingredients in her kitchen to use for herself and her daughter. and it officially became a brand in 2020. mid-pandemic. 

for the first shoot: she came with few expectations and little creative direction. where to start? she just knew she needed stellar product photos.

that’s where the soona crew stepped in. we took a look at their site + social media. the crew was able to come up with a creative plan and a few photo styles to try and get their content creation started.  one of the things the crew recommended? hiring a model from the soona model marketplace! 

spoiler alert: that model has become the face of NOELLE Cosmetics.

NOELLE Cosmetics used their soona content to completely revamp their site and brand themselves on social. and shortly after: they totally sold out.

“soona is an amazing company. I actually discovered what I liked, and how I wanted my brand to unfold by using soona! I came into my first photoshoot not knowing what I wanted, and they gave my brand it’s footprint. it was incredible, soona branded NOELLE Cosmetics!”

– Jerhonda Pace, founder of NOELLE Cosmetics

find out more about how affordability + accessibility + collaboration changed the game for NOELLE Cosmetics in the full case study.


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