how JWLgang used soona to unlock new growth opportunities

by | Jul 12, 2021

the jewelry industry is fast-moving and everchanging. JWLgang – a jewelry manufacturer + online store – knows this well. 

JWLgang was looking for a way to scale their content without sacrificing quality. because their inventory is large and always changing with trends: it’s important that they have a way to create consistent + elevated content quickly. 

so they came to soona.

a few months and a few shoots later: JWLgang and soona had come together to define what elevated + repeatable + on-brand content looks like for them. and even better – JWLgang was able to get enough content to start testing what really performs best for them. 

their shoots featured models & what seemed like such a simple test – trying two different models for the same pieces and running them at the same time – gave them unmatched insight. JWLgang saw about a 23% click rate increase from this test alone.

“we have our in-house graphic designer and photographer but with the amount of orders we are receiving, they were not able to produce pictures of new products in a timely manner. due to the fact that jewelry trends constantly change, we needed to outsource to find a company that can take care of this issue for us.”

– Aiden Lee: Founder + CEO of JWLgang


find out more about how quality + accessibility + consistency created new growth opportunities for JWLgang in the full case study.


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