holiday 2020 trend: unboxing videos

Oct 21, 2020

online shopping has never been viewed by customers and sellers as an equal opportunity to in-store shopping. but this year: even those who have made holiday shopping at retail stores a tradition will be primarily shopping online.

in 2019: the U.S. spent just over $135 billion in holiday season ecomm sales. Deloitte is predicting online holiday sales to skyrocket as much as 35% from 2019 – reaching $196 billion. 

simply put: all eyes will be on ecomm this year and you need to make sure your website. social media. and digital ads are ready to make a big impact. 

any risk-free feelings that come with in-store shopping decrease significantly when buying online. this means conveying the full experience of your product is more important now than ever. which brings us to our favorite 2020 holiday trend: unboxing photos and videos. 

giving your customers a front-row seat to what they (or the person they are buying for) can expect to experience when opening up your product is a great way to generate a connection with your customers: let them feel what it’s like to be in that magical moment of seeing your product for the first time. 

unboxing content can come in various forms: images. gifs. videos. stop-motion. all of these forms will make your brand & product stand out from the crowd.


still images are a great way to lay out everything that comes in your box in one single shot.



unboxing gifs are perfect to showcase your product in digital ads and on social media.



add a hand model into your video to kick you unboxing video up a notch.



get creative with ingredients or product items slithering out of its box in stop-motion.


if ready to give unboxing a try? book your shoot now at buy one of your unboxing videos and we’ll add your logo to the end for free!