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how Avocado Club used soona to win on social media

by | Jul 26, 2021

when The Avocado Club came to soona: they relied mostly on user-generated content that showcased how much their customers love their product. ✨ spoiler: they love it a lot. 

but Brandon Fassburg—CEO and founder of Avocado Club—was looking to elevate their content and create more of a balance. he needed a service to help him figure out how to create the perfect mix and bring it to life without taking his focus away from other crucial parts of his business. 

soona allowed him to create a content strategy that would achieve his goals and was fully executable. soona essentially became an extension of the Avocado Club team with the goal of perfecting their content mix. 

it worked. today: they seamlessly blend soona content and user-generated content on their site and socials. even better: Avocado Club has enjoyed a stunning 20% increase in click-through rates + 15% increase in engagement across social media—including DMs asking where they got their amazing imagery (soona referral program all-stars in the making?).

“we are content creators ourselves, and we found that having soona by our side allowed us to focus our time on other aspects of our business.”



read more about how ease + collaboration + fun brought Avocado Club to the next level in the full case study.


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