4 Reasons We Love Using Hand Models

by | Dec 11, 2020

say so long to boring demo videos and 👋 hello to hand models! adding a soona hand model to your shoot is a quick way to take your content from great to amazing in a snap. here are four reasons we love using hand models:

demoing product

one of the best and most common uses of hand models is to show off a product in action. to give a potential customer an idea of how the product works. what it looks like in use. and if they can see themselves using it in their everyday life. Sure you can describe all that in your product description but how interesting is that? bring. it. to. life.

showing scale

avoid Godilocks customers. by adding a hand model (or any model for that matter) to your content customers will be able to see the size of your product and decide if it’s too big. too small. or just right for their needs.


get physical with your product. highlight the softness or consistency with the help of a hand model. there’s no better way to show off that silky smooth feel.

angles. angles. angles.

help your customers get over the fear of being product catfished. having a model show off every angle of the product — even the boring bottom or back! — can help customers feel like they know exactly what they are getting. 

feel smarter already?

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