pro services

our pro services are a one-time fee when you book to cover the cost of the service. the pro service fees cannot be applied to the purchase of content.

full body model

standard shoot up to 15 photos: $229 per model
double shoot for video bookings or 15 or more photos: $399 per model

show off your product with a full body model! we’ll send a list of available models for you to choose from after you book. we call our diverse directory Everybody Models which features real people local to our studios.

hand model

standard shoot up to 15 photos: $99 per hand model
double shoot for video reservations or 15 or more photos: $199 per hand model

give your product a lift with a hand model! share the type of hand model you’re looking for after you book and we’ll coordinate the rest. the hand model will have clean & bare nails. if you would like the model to have a manicure we can coordinate it for $99.

pet model

standard shoot up to 15 photos: $99 per pet model
double shoot for video reservations or 15 or more photos: $199 per pet model

sit. stay. demo! add a furry friend to your shoot. tell us if you prefer a dog or cat and we’ll send along our pet model directory to choose from. if the pet needs to take a certain action: we’ll discuss with the pet parent and let you know if it is possible.

what’s possible with a ghost mannequin

ghost mannequin

standard shoot up to 15 photos: $229
double shoot for video reservations or 15 or more photos: $449

if you need a ghost mannequin or “floating” shots of your apparel: select this. we’ll ensure your products are beautifully styled. we can remove the mannequin with our photoshop add-on for $9 per photo.


standard shoot up to 15 photos: $229
double shoot for video reservations or 15 or more photos: $449

add this to your shoot if your ideas require styling with food, props or apparel. here’s a quick way to know if you need styling: 

  • you want more than 5 items in a single shot
  • you want food or ingredients styled with your product
  • your product will arrive at soona unassembled and needs to be assembled
  • you have apparel that needs to be steamed and styled
  • you want to recreate the style of a shot you saw somewhere else

after you book: we will review your shot list and determine if you need the styling add-on.

props shopping

standard shoot up to 15 photos: $49 + cost of props
double shoot for video reservations or 15 or more photos: $99 + cost of props

we offer standard props and if you need something else: our shoppers can pick it up for your shoot! common prop shopping items include flowers and fresh ingredients. 

this includes a soona crew member going to 1 store and getting up to 20 items. you fill out your list and we’ll make it happen!

hair + makeup

standard shoot up to 15 photos: $229 per person
double shoot for video reservations or 15 or more photos: $399 per person

if you’re looking to get your hair and makeup done before your shoot or your model needs a professional touch: select the hair and makeup service! if you have a product that needs to be applied to a model (such as lashes or cosmetics) we require the hair and makeup pro service. the artist will ensure you or your model look beautiful and camera-ready.

studio buyout

studio buyout for video booking: $369

need clean high-quality audio during your shoot? we will clear out our studio so we can record audio in a distraction-free environment. select this add-on when you create your video booking.


vip producer

add a producer to your shoot and you will unlock new levels of creative control for $3990.

the producer will be your dedicated point of contact throughout the process. this add-on unlocks a pre-production call with you to answer questions and talk concepts. the VIP producer will also write and review your shot list with you. this is a great choice for large teams or agencies.


what if I don’t like my full body model. hand model. or pet model?

we strive to keep our model images up to date so you know exactly what to expect! if you are not happy with your model: you can create another booking with a different model! please note that pro services are non-refundable.

does styling include props?

here are the standard props we offer! for anything outside this list you can ship to our studio or add the props shopping pro service.

what if I want to show more than just hands during the shoot?

the hand model pro service is just for hands. please choose a full body model instead if you’d like to show a full body or face.

if I choose prop shopping: can soona just pick out things for my shoot?

we want to get exactly what you want! we’ll send a form for you to fill out. need some ideas? check out our inspo page to see what’s possible at soona!

have other questions about pro services? chat us and we’ll get back to you! 😎
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