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how does soona work?

soona provides professional photo and video creation with a 24 hour turnaround. here’s how it works:

  • create your photo & video booking here.
  • ship us your products & props. when we receive your package we schedule your shoot. 
  • join us in-studio or virtually from anywhere! your photos and video clips will appear live in your dashboard in real time. chat with your soona crew & give live feedback.
  • shop your content and only buy what you like.
  • get edited assets in 24 hours.

it’s like that, y’all. check out our how it works page for more info!

how does pricing work?

our pricing is totally a la carte! photos are $39 each. video clips are $93 each. you only buy what you love! shop your content in real time or come back and buy more later.

we have pro services you can add on during booking (such as models or styling). learn more about those here! we also have editing add-ons you can choose upon checkout that you can see on our menu.

what is a soona subscription?

soona subscription is $39 per month. with that subscription you get:

📷  one free photo credit. 
📮  one free shipping label.
📦  store your products at soona.
🗓️  get fast pass access to our schedule.
💡  find out about awesome new features before anyone else.
😎  be an OG soona member.
❌  cancel anytime.

send us an email to sign up or learn more!

how does shipping work?

your first label with soona is FREE! after you create your booking head to our shipping section to print your first label free.

pack your products cozy and snug in a 12×12 USPS flat rate box up to 70 lbs. send it to us with love and bask in the glow of free shipping (it’s a thing).

send us a return label and we’ll ship it right back to you after the shoot! want to shoot more? amazing! create another booking with us.

what if I need a model or a hand model?

we can coordinate a model for you! during booking you can select a hand model or a full body model and we’ll coordinate that for your shoot.

the model fee is prepaid and non-refundable. learn more about our pro services here!


who creates the ideas and concepts?

see our inspiration page to get your ideas flowing! if you know what you want – that’s great! you can build the shot list with our shot builder on the soona dashboard. we ask that you provide us with some starting points. then our crew can get creative during your shoot! 

what kind of props do you have?

check out the props we have at each studio here!

if you’d like soona to do your props shopping, select that as a pro service! you provide the list and we’ll do the shopping! if you have a specific request – we ask that you supply that prop. services like Prime are best and fast.


what are soona trend sets?

soona trend sets are strategically designed scenes that make up each set. these sets are seasonal or trend-forward to help you dream bigger for your brand. think outside the box for your content. and get your customers clicking! when booking a soona trend set: you can pick as many of our scenes within that set as your heart desires!

check out our current ecomm and Valentine’s Day sets now!


how do I cancel or reschedule?

we can reschedule your shoot up to 24 hours before your booking. email your studio manager and we’ll reschedule. our booking deposit is non-refundable.

there is no canceling or rescheduling of headshots for all bookings.



contact info

reach out to us here or send us a chat through your dashboard.